Commercial advisory related to Difficult Markets

Anna Śledzińska

At Popowski Advisory, I combine the roles of a client manager and process optimizer. I combine the work of specialists and agents to efficiently achieve clients’ goals. I use my networking skills and the ability to capture information and opportunities. I transfer experience and solutions from various industries, which provides unconventional solutions. I bring ease in organizing and simplifying tasks to the team’s work, which allows us to focus on the most promising opportunities related to the development of the organization and the international expansion of our clients.

My professional experience is related to managing organizations in the tourism industry. On behalf of the owners, I took over all matters, taking up managerial positions. I managed teams of several people, setting the direction for changes leading to predictability in revenues and increasing profits. I put things in order, simplified processes, and eliminated waste. I created tools and procedures to improve everyday work. As a social business advisor and animator, I supported the birth of new projects, designing services, planning their delivery and obtaining grants for enterprise development.

I gained knowledge by studying business psychology at SWPS University in Sopot and political science at the University of Gdańsk. I graduated from the STOP Trainers’ School, the CAL Animators’ School and the Solution-Focused Coaching School. I take care of my development by participating in training and using mentoring and supervision.

My other professional interests focus on supporting organizations in creating conditions for building self-organizing teams and implementing elements of turquoise management into the organizational culture of companies. I gain distance from the world and new ideas by sailing and by getting dirty while building a country garden.

Anna Śledzińska