Commercial advisory related to Difficult Markets

Working methods/ Approach

I listen carefully entrepreneurs - only a thorough understanding of their needs allows me to take effective action

I always approach a case individually, because in such a complex matter, it does not happen that a solution which resolved some customer’s need was exactly the same as the solution for another customer. Even if both companies come from Lublin (Poland) and both adopt as the business goal export of apples to Saudi Arabia …

If the situation requires it – I patiently wait and observe the client’s activities. But sometimes I can quickly pack up and fly to the other side of the globe represent the interests of my client and get some urgent matter for him.

I never say that something can not be arranged. At the beginning I examine all possible options, I analyse all the available scenarios and solutions. Usually after a thorough examination of the case it manages to find a way to solve the problem.

I work with the highest secrecy standards. After 20 years of working in finance and banking environment, I realize how important it is for owners and management.