Commercial advisory related to Difficult Markets

Piotr Hurnicki

I became acquainted with Popowski Advisory during a conference in Łódź in 2022, and shortly thereafter, I joined their team.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Warmia and Mazury. The beginning of my professional career coincided with Poland’s accession to the European Union, allowing me to immediately take on the role of a Project Manager in an Anglo-Saxon country. This experience opened my eyes to the world and played a significant role in shaping my professional interests.

The twenty years of professional experience I have accumulated I describe as a carnival of colors. From project management to engineering, through international trade, which is currently my passion and way of life.

Why do I collaborate with Popowski Advisory? Because it gives me the assurance of professionally engaging with a truly global perspective. I am part of a group of professionals who, much like myself, believe that places with business potential include not only Hamburg or Berlin but also Bahrain, Nigeria, or Barbados.

Working in this team helps satisfy my ambitions to operate in challenging and non-obvious markets.
I strive to leverage my experience from West Africa, and my several-year stay in Nigeria allows me to look optimistically at this market. My ambition is to assist Polish companies in conquering this challenging yet highly promising market.

Piotr Hurnicki