Commercial advisory related to Difficult Markets

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The Mission of the company Popowski - Advisory is a comprehensive support for entrepreneurs in establishing and maintaining beneficial relationships with business partners from so-called emerging markets.

Commercial advisory related to Emerging Markets

Are you looking for sales opportunities outside the European Union? Are you considering new, interesting, though often demanding markets? Wondering whether your company’s products could be sold in stores in Algeria? Or maybe what is happening now in Iran is an opportunity for your business? Why your company should not begin relations with countries outside the EU?

We all know that sales opportunities in the EU are limited. To exist in the EU market you often have to compete on price inflated to borders. By entering new markets you can open in your company new, very interesting chapter.

After defeating the first “steps” in these markets, we offer expert advice on the preparation of the contract terms as well as safe and efficient settlement. We help to find the best solution to FX risk management, including exchange rates for many exotic currencies. For selected companies or their owners we are open to provide advice how to effectively and safely invest the saved funds.

Our services are mainly for

  • Small and medium-sized companies planning to expand into markets outside the EU to developing countries
  • Companies requiring specialized legal and financial services
  • Exporters and investors

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Entering of companies into emerging markets

We help entrepreneurs know and understand the countries geographically and culturally distant. To help stop being afraid of them and see them in a much wider context than before. Overcoming these barriers is necessary to start to establish effective business relationships.

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International Trade Advisory

The agreement between the contracting parties as to the quantity, value and specification of the goods or establish a schedule of deliveries are only the beginning. Polish entrepreneur must now protect their interests so that the contract can be implemented smoothly, while maintaining the lowest possible transactional risk.

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